Make and Take Art for a All! Find Your Inner-Artist at One of These Local Spots

– by Christen Bell

Art enthusiasts often marvel at everything from brushstrokes on a wall mural to thread patterns in an intricate quilt, and rarely does it stop there. The desire to create is universal, whether with word, brush, hands or lens. Thankfully, Happy Valley has several outlets for you to do just that.

The Makery Courtesy of The Makery 2

- Photo courtesy of The Makery

Whether you’ve been meaning to try your hand at photography, let your creative child express themselves through painting, or schedule an outing with friends to enjoy community while learning something new; there’s never a better time than the present. Take advantage of Centre County’s make-and-take art studios this summer— there are masterpieces to make!

“Take advantage of Centre County’s make-and-take art studios THIS SUMMER—THERE ARE MASTERPIECES TO MAKE!"

- Christen Bell

The Makery is a place and space for art lovers of all ages. It’s a magnetic little studio that will continue to draw you in to see what else you might create. They offer classes, open studio times, and events for you to choose from and each offers the chance to craft some make-and take artwork. You may immediately think of painting and drawing, and those are certainly offered, but let your mind wander as you consider the various options provided by the staff at the Makery.

The Makery Courtesy of The Makery 1

- Photo courtesy of The Makery

Sewing, knitting, essential oils, photography, modern calligraphy, botanical arts, edible arts, pottery… the list goes on! If there’s something you want to try, the Makery gives you an opportunity to create it. The beauty of it is (a little pun for you), there are opportunities for the earliest budding artist all the way through the most seasoned creators. Try a class, join an open studio or schedule your child’s next birthday party and see what you might make at the Makery.

If you’re interested in a casual introduction to the Makery, we suggest the children’s art studio at the Bellefonte Art Museum. The museum hosts special events, classes, year-round and rotating exhibits, and a dedicated art studio onsite at The Makery at the Museum. If you’re looking for an educational homeschool field trip, a thoughtful family outing, or a place to reflect on the beauty of artistic expression, visit the Bellefonte Art Museum Friday through Sunday 12-4:30 p.m. or by appointment.

2000 Degrees Courtesy of 2000 Degrees 1

Pottery lovers unite! At 2000 degrees you can choose from decorative and functional pottery to paint and take home. It is a locally-owned company that has been in downtown State College for over 20 years and serves the local community as a fantastic art outlet. You can walk in, reserve a place for a group, or schedule an event at the studio. Spend a morning or an afternoon creating your piece (they recommend about 90 minutes) then pick it up fully glazed, fired, and ready-to-use 5-7 days later.

We hope you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Board and Brush Creative Studio on West College Ave, but if not, consider this your invitation. This fast-growing DIY studio offers workshops to create your own woodwork—a unique form of art not offered at other art venues. Gather your friends, pick your project, and spend a one-of-a-kind evening out creating that wood sign you keep pinning on Pinterest. The project is yours and the mess is theirs!

Rhoneymeade tour 3 1

Rhoneymeade is not only a great place to view art, but it offers an opportunity to create it as well. Artists can sign up for a Rhoneymeade artist membership for only $25. The Artist Pass gives you additional time on the grounds, as well as an invitation to participate in the Rhoneymeade Artists studio exhibit, not to mention it helps financially support their incredible efforts. Whatever your medium, be it the popular Plein Air art or watercolors, nature will be your inspiration at Rhoneymeade.

The ARTery is yet to come, but worth mentioning for our Philipsburg friends and those who don’t mind the short drive. It will be a place to “make art, teach art and promote a love of art” while creating a sense of community around it. Founders Lynn Anne Verbeck (a Philipsburg native) and Adrienne Waterston envision a community gathering space that inspires local artists to create and unwind. Fuel your creativity with coffee and community at The ARTery, hoping to open in 2023!

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