2023 Happy Valley Destination Dining Guide

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Dolce Vita cupcake

Happy Valley bakeries are sweet on dessert

You may not think you have a sweet tooth—until you see the amazing desserts available in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. A rotating menu of fresh baked goods can be found throughout Happy Valley, but look away now if you’re definitely not interested in sampling a variety of sweet somethings.

Happy Valley Chef

Food trucks and farmers markets: 10 delicious finds

Though Happy Valley offers a magnificent variety of quality brick-and-mortar dining experiences, food trucks and farmer’s markets also have a place in providing quality, locally sourced options. In fact, these options have expanded dramatically over the last few years. With a wide variety of local produce and meats, food trucks and farmers markets provide residents and visitors with outdoor alternatives in Centre County.

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Plan the party & let the region’s chefs cook

What is your party hungry for? These Happy Valley cuisine-art establishments literally cater to their customers’ taste buds—whether that vision is large-scale hoe-down backyard barbecue, a long work lunch or a private sit-down menu tasting.


Best Happy Valley Restaurants for Large Groups

There is no shortage of great bars and restaurants in Happy Valley – but not all of them are equipped to accommodate large groups, dinner parties, or private events. When you’re looking to have a great night out with a big group of friends and family, make sure to plan ahead!


Field-to-fork options in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Field-to-fork dining in Happy Valley is the perfect way to enjoy the best that Happy Valley has to offer. With a rich heritage in farming and locally sourced wines, cheese and meats, these dining spots create magic on a plate, highlighting the very best food just miles (or in some cases, mere feet) from where it has been grown. These establishments are inspiring places to start your field-to-fork dining journey through Happy Valley.

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Delightful Dining in Bellefonte, PA: A Culinary Journey Through Historic Charm

Welcome to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania – a picturesque town brimming with history, charm, and, most importantly, a vibrant food scene that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of Central Pennsylvania, this quaint town boasts an array of delectable dining options that are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds from food connoisseurs to casual travelers seeking culinary delights.

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