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Slow down...for Millheim

Millheim, the heart of Penns Valley, is a town that surprises. Look at the bare description – 900 people, a traffic light, named for mills that have been gone for a hundred years – and you wouldn’t expect much. A quick drive-through town probably wouldn’t change your mind.

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Spend a day

Interested in exploring Happy Valley? If so you are in luck! This blog post highlights some of the unique experiences that Happy has to offer. Including the areas of Philipsburg, Bellefonte, State College, Penns Valley, and Bald Eagle Valley.

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Uncover the unique and one-of-a-kind in Happy Valley

Skip the major retailers and find something truly unique during your next shopping trip to Happy Valley. Whether you want a taste of the region’s agriculture and local food products, the best gear for your next outdoor adventure (and Happy Valley certainly has lots of outdoor adventure to offer!) or a perfect gift for your favorite person, you’ll find it at one of these six spots.

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