Cool off with a cone after an outdoor adventure

– by Lesley Kistner

Experience Meyer Dairy Farms and Nittany Valley Creamery, offering a delightful array of homemade ice cream flavors, fresh dairy products, and unique farm-to-table treats.

Person ice cream

Meyer Dairy Farms

Located in State College, the Meyer Dairy Farms store features more than 40 ice cream flavors that transform into delicious milkshakes and sundaes or enjoyed on a cone or in a dish. The store also sells homemade ice cream cakes, milk, eggs, heavy cream, and other local products. In operation since 1887, Meyer Dairy Farms raises 400 Holstein cows that roam over 1,000 acres and provide the milk for their popular ice cream and other dairy products. Some flavors are unique to central Pennsylvania: teaberry, butter crunch, rum raisin, grapenut, maple walnut, lemon custard, and coconut chip. Traditionalists never fear! Chocolate, vanilla, mint flake, and butter pecan are on the menu too.

Ice Cream

Nittany Valley Creamery

Nestled among picturesque Amish farms in the beautiful Nittany Valley in Howard, the Nittany Valley Creamery recently opened its Dairy Barn ice cream stand and store. The Glick family, owners of the farm and Dairy Barn, wanted to find a way to sell the fresh ice cream straight to customers instead of wholesale, so they decided to open the barn and focus on the true essence of “farm to table.” The ice cream comes straight from the cows on the farm, which are treated with the utmost care and fed non-GMO food that is also grown on the farm. The entire process happens right on the farm: milking cows, production, processing, and selling fresh ice cream from the Dairy Barn. Nittany Valley Creamery features more than 20 different flavors of ice cream sold in pints, quarts, and 3-gallon containers, hand-dipped for cones and dishes. Sundaes and milkshakes are also on the menu. For a unique treat, try a whoopie pie ice cream sandwich.

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