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Museum Hopping in Happy Valley

Happy Valley is rich in history, culture, and creative residents who love celebrating both. The region’s museum scene is top-notch and varied, offering a mix of traditional galleries and more interactive experiences.

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Experiencing the “art” within the culinary arts, in Happy Valley

Welcome to a delectable journey of experiencing the culinary arts in Happy Valley! Prepare your taste buds for a delightful adventure as we explore the vibrant and diverse restaurant scene that this enchanting region has to offer. From cozy cafes to upscale dining establishments, Happy Valley’s culinary landscape is a canvas of creative, artistic masterpieces, each offering a unique blend of flavors to suit every palate.


Discover the New Palmer Museum of Art

Nestled within the lush expanse of The Arboretum at Penn State, the new Palmer Museum of Art blends art, architecture, and nature and is a must-see for visitors to Happy Valley. This state-of-the-art facility, designed by Allied Works and complemented by the landscape architecture of Reed Hilderbrand, invites visitors on a journey that seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor space into one unique experience.

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Get Inspired by Discovering all that Happy Valley Art has to Offer

Here in Happy Valley, we have a rich arts community with creations waiting to be discovered. Local opportunities abound in Centre County to view both historic pieces and modern creations while receiving inspiration for your very own works of art. Whether you enjoy walking beside a building mural, taking a garden stroll with marble statues, or gallery hopping with local art at your fingertips (without making fingerprints, right?), something is inspiring about spending a weekend taking in the arts.

Curtin Workers Village Melissa Hombosky

Curtin Mansion marks 50 years of tours

When Eagle Iron Works stopped producing pig iron in 1921, it had been the longest-operating cold-blast charcoal ironworks in Pennsylvania. During its 112-year run, which included one year of work after smelting ceased, the works smelted and forged iron throughout a period of massive change in Centre County and the United States, surviving long after the iron and steel industries had evolved.

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