2024 Happy Valley Outdoor Guide

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Happy Valley Fishing Opportunities

The streams in Happy Valley are legendary for their pristine water, and it doesn’t happen by accident. Clearwater Conservancy is dedicated to conserving and restoring our natural resources through land conservation, water resources stewardship, and environmental outreach across central Pennsylvania.

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Discover Happy Valley’s Best Vistas

Happy Valley has many beautiful vistas, with the Allegheny Front to the north and several ridges running through the area. Several can be found with an easy drive to a parking lot, whereas some require some rubbernecking while driving, and still others can only be viewed after a challenging hike. What follows is not a complete list, but rather a taste of what is available.


Disc Golf takes flight in Happy Valley

Happy Valley has its fair share of amazing golf courses – but did you know, the region is also seeing a local boom in popularity of disc golf? Played with a flying disc instead of clubs and golf balls, disc golf is soaring to new heights across the country – where the Professional Disc Golf Association estimates that between eight million and 12 million Americans have played disc golf and that over half a million play regularly.

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Destination Dining: Fuel up for your Happy Valley adventures

Whether you’re looking to explore the local brew scene after a day of cycling, you need a hearty breakfast to power a morning hike or you’re on the hunt for some picnic-perfect bites, Happy Valley’s local eateries, breweries, wineries, and more have you covered.

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Build an ultimate basecamp in Happy Valley

“There's nothing finer than quenching your thirst after a bike ride in Centre County, Pennsylvania,” Nathan Reigner said. He should know. Before Reigner took the reins as Pennsylvania’s first-ever director of outdoor recreation for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he was an assistant research professor in the College of Human Development at Penn State. And he really, really likes being outside in Happy Valley.

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Bellefonte: Happy Valley’s gateway to outdoor recreation

The town of Bellefonte is a top destination to sip, stay, and play in Pennsylvania. Located in the scenic Pennsylvania Wilds region, just a short drive from State College and the main campus of Penn State, this historic town (established in 1795) has a long and proud history of hosting guests and boasts a charming Victorian-era historic district, museums, art galleries, dining options, and easy access to outdoor recreation in the mountains and valleys around the town. Every year, more people discover just how much there is to do in Bellefonte and promise to return for more great experiences. Just consider the options for things to do in the great outdoors around Bellefonte.

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau publishes up-to-date event information at HappyValley.com/events