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Tait Farm Foods holidays

Check out the new 2023 Tait Farm Foods Holiday Collections

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Tait Farm Foods festive and crowd-pleasing brie appetizers ideas are easy and delicious. No matter if you prefer sweet or savory, they have countless ways to top one, two, or a few to satisfy every taste. Each one can be served warm from the oven or at room temperature. Bon AppeTait!

Vintage halloween

Vintage Halloween finds and creepy collectibles in Happy Valley, PA

Both works of art and pieces of nostalgia, vintage Halloween decorations are on trend. Whether you are looking for that perfect piece to add to your existing collection, just getting started as a collector, or just want to get in the Halloween spirit, you are in luck! Several antique shops in Happy Valley, PA offer a variety of the niche collectibles, along with otherwise creepy finds, so you can celebrate the spooky season in style.

Happy Valley Chef

Food trucks and farmers markets: 10 delicious finds

Though Happy Valley offers a magnificent variety of quality brick-and-mortar dining experiences, food trucks and farmer’s markets also have a place in providing quality, locally sourced options. In fact, these options have expanded dramatically over the last few years. With a wide variety of local produce and meats, food trucks and farmers markets provide residents and visitors with outdoor alternatives in Centre County.

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