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RE Farm Cafe dessert

Duke & Monica Gastiger on the secret to building strong community: great food

RE Farm Café at Windswept Farm is a unique farm-to-table experience where you can see the farm from your seat at the table. The setting — nestled in a panoramic sweep of farmland — is just the beginning. The café itself is sustainably built, the chefs (called composers) spend time tending the vegetables as they are grown, and every food either comes from the farm itself, or from a tiny network of sustainable growers.

Amy Debach_profile

Metro-rural mix made Bellefonte a perfect new hometown for Amy Debach

When Amy Debach moved to Bellefonte in 2006, she was enthralled with the duality of the area — rural yet metro, culturally diverse yet deeply rooted in history. It’s a mix that invited involvement and has kept her here for close to two decades. She spoke to [] about the best ways to volunteer and what everyone needs to check out while they are in town. Read on!

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