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Mike Lynch Vista

Hiking Mount Nittany

My wife (Karen) and I are reaching our late-60s, but we’re thankful that our abilities and health still allow us to hike all but the longest and most treacherous trails. We recently visited Centre County, which has some of the best hiking trails for every skill set. Some pathways lead through flat marshes and fields, where visitors may view a wide variety of flora and fauna. Others lead up and down steep mountains, covered with lush forestation.

View across the Allegheny Plateau from SGL 33 101851 cp 1

Centre County’s Best Vistas – by car or hiking

We left Underwood Road in the Moshannon State Forest, walked up through the forest and then down a very rocky area – following a well maintained, but sometimes rugged trail. Lindera’s Siberian husky Timber led the way. We started to gain altitude again, and at about 25 minutes into our hike, we came upon a break in the trees overlooking a beautiful view to the valley below. It was aptly named Ralph’s Majestic Vista.

AFT vista looking back at Allegheny Front 2905 ps mf 1

Discover Happy Valley’s best vistas

Happy Valley has many beautiful vistas, with the Allegheny Front to the north and several ridges running through the area. Several can be found with an easy drive to a parking lot, whereas some require some rubbernecking while driving, and still others can only be viewed after a challenging hike. What follows is not a complete list, but rather a taste of what is available.

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Hunting opportunities in Happy Valley

One thing that I love about Pennsylvania is its wealth of public hunting grounds. Happy Valley and the surrounding area have more than their fair share of the public land pie. Public land open to hunting includes state game lands that are managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and state forest lands, which are operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. DCNR also handles state parks, many of which are also open to hunting.

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau publishes up-to-date event information at HappyValley.com/events