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Training for IRONMAN: Bob Furmanek & Maure Irwin-Furmanek

Competitive athletes Maure Irwin-Furmanek and Bob Furmanek have raced across the country. Here’s why training for a triathlon in their own backyard — and finishing on the 50-yard line of Beaver Stadium — is especially meaningful to them.

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How to plan a full year of family fun, Happy Valley-style

One of the most magical things about Happy Valley is the abundance of opportunities to enjoy every season. Even better, there is a big variety of fun and affordable activities that are perfect for families with kids of all ages.

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Women on (two) Wheels

Women can face significant barriers to entry in cycling, especially when it comes to off-road biking. If this sounds familiar, or you’ve simply been hesitant because you’re not sure where to start, you’re not alone. And, you’re in luck!! Happy Valley Women’s Cycling (HVWC), a central Pennsylvania women's cycling team has been dismantling the obstacles since 2018.

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