5.Life Climbing Gyms Celebrate 30 Years of Supporting Community

– by Ellie Aungst

Climb Nittany will offer special 1994 throwback pricing to celebrate the company’s 30th birthday on January 11th, 2024. Climb Nittany is one of four climbing gyms owned by 5.Life, a family owned and operated climbing gym company based in Columbus, OH. After opening two gyms in Columbus, owners Carrie and Alexis Roccos and Matt and Mardi Roberts expanded into the State College area in 2020 when they opened Climb Nittany in Boalsburg.

Climb Nittany_People waiving

A lot has changed since the Roccos opened their first gym, Vertical Adventures, in 1994. From humble beginnings and handmade climbing walls, what was once a fringe sport has caught the public’s attention in a major way. To modernize and expand, Matt and Mardi Roberts joined the Roccos in 2013. Since then, the two families have worked to support climbers with their lifelong adventures. “It is really meaningful to see children of our early members now bringing their own children to share their passion for climbing.” explains Mardi Roberts, “We see the impact we have on the community and love introducing people to this exciting sport.”

Along the way, the Roberts and Roccos, a.k.a. the RoRos, faced setbacks. Climb Nittany originally opened in October of 2020, “In the thick of the pandemic” as then General Manager Michael Molony puts it. The gym’s “Grand Opening” celebration was delayed, finally being celebrated last year on Climb Nittany’s two-year anniversary. Despite the difficulties, the owners are thrilled by the support from the local community.

On January 11th, all 5.Life gyms are bringing back their 1994 pricing: $9 adult day passes, $7 under-18 passes, and more. 5.Life will offer limited edition 30th birthday swag and provide some delicious treats at Vertical Adventures. They will also host a private celebration for their members on January 20th.

Climb Nittany

Find out more about their locations and hours at their website www.5.life or call us at (614)-888-8393.


Vertical Adventures
6513 Kingsmill Court
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Chambers Purely Boulders
1165 Chambers Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Climb Nittany
328 Discovery Drive
Boalsburg, PA 16827

Bloc Garten
512 Maier Place
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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