A Teddy Bear Picnic for children and their families this weekend in Boalsburg

– by Ellie Aungst

The Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Museum in Boalsburg is excited to announce A Teddy Bear Picnic for children and their families on the grounds of the museum this weekend only!

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Saturday, October 1st from 10AM to noon

Sunday, October 2nd from 10AM to noon.

A Teddy Bear Picnic will feature a story time, sensory play, games, bear snacks, door prizes, give aways, and fun for children of all ages! This event is sponsored by Schlow Library, and includes fantastic activities planned and delivered by the Children’s Department staff at Schlow! Come enjoy the fun you know and love from the library at the picnic-ready grounds at the Boal Mansion.

Tickets are $30 for 1-child families, $10 for each additional child. Reservations are limited!! For more information and to buy tickets, please contact the Boal Museum at 724-859-5324 or through the museum’s website at www.boalmuseum.com

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