Kristina Goldhorn: I’m participating in a beautiful part of State College tradition

– by Cara Aungst

Penn State third-year student Kristina Goldhorn has been living the iconic Penn State experience since she transferred from the Brandywine campus to University Park in 2021. While she studies Supply Chain Management, she serves as a tour guide with Lion Ambassadors on campus, and is the director of Brotherhood for the professional development fraternity Omega Chi Sigma, and works at The Corner Room. “The Corner Room is the place where I made my first friends in State College, the place where I immediately felt comfortable, and the place where I can positively affect my customer’s day with just a smile,” she said.

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“I absolutely adore meeting people from all over the world who decide to stop into our home on the corner. I hear the most amazing stories and truly feel like I am participating in a beautiful part of State College tradition.”

“I began working at The Corner Room almost immediately after moving here,” she said. “I really thought it was just going to be a job to help pay for my schooling. I didn’t expect it to turn into one of my favorite places to be.”

She came on board at the Corner Room as renovations were being done, and a new menu was being created. “Everyone had the opportunity to be re-trained and try all the new meals on the menu. I have some of the greatest memories of those first two weeks of working at The Corner Room. I had the beautiful opportunity to become close friends with all my coworkers before even working a real shift with them!”

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Originally hired as part of the support team, Goldhorn started to train as wait staff. “I adore serving because of the amazing people who come into The Corner Room each day. From alumni, to prospective students, to even just people passing through town, I love hearing the stories of the customers who come into our restaurant. I always have the opportunity to learn something new and put a smile on their faces. And trust me, they put a smile on mine in return.”

She says that even though The Corner Room has gone through renovations and changes over the past few years, it is still the Penn State staple that it always has been. “A new menu does not change the fact that this place has been a comfort spot for Penn State families for generations. People still wait in long lines just to get a chance to sit in our classic navy booths. I am particularly proud of the fact that The Corner Room has been able to keep our regulars, even through our changes and growth. I think the best part of this place is the atmosphere and the people in it. The regulars see that and still want to hang out with us every day. It is really special!”

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Moving to Happy Valley had the potential to be a rough transition, but Goldhorn said that joining the Corner Room team helped her acclimate quickly to the new area. “ I was brought into a family who truly cares for me and loves me for who I am. I love each one of my coworkers and customers! I am so proud to call The Corner Room and Happy Valley my home!”

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