Signs put Happy Valley's agricultural offerings in the spotlight

– by Lesley Kistner

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Wasson Farm Market, which now sells its own homemade ice cream, is one of 55 Happy Valley Agventures' destinations.

Since its launch in October 2019, Happy Valley Agventures has helped to raise greater awareness about Centre County’s robust agricultural product through an engaging website that connects visitors to establishments, and an active and growing social media presence that spotlights all that is happening in the fields, farms and farmers markets in Happy Valley.

Now, it is even easier for those looking to plan their next Agventure to do so thanks to the placement of new colorful signage at Happy Valley Agventures’ destinations throughout the county.

A joint initiative of The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau (HVAB) and the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County (CBICC), Happy Valley Agventures is a countywide agritourism promotion initiative designed to showcase and promote the area’s tremendous agricultural assets, and enhance tourism development.

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Happy Valley Agventures signs can be found at destinations throughout Happy Valley, including popular craft distillery Big Spring Spirits.

CBICC President and CEO Vern Squier said the signs will help identify destinations that part of the initiative, as well as raise greater awareness generally about the county’s agricultural offerings and heritage.

“The initiative, and now with identifiable markers for participating destinations, is bringing our agricultural heritage to life,” he said. “We not only want people to patronize and visit those destinations that are open to the public, we want them to have a better understanding of just how much agriculture is ingrained in our community and our economy.”

Signs began popping up the weekend of Aug. 14.

As we approach fall, which is a great time to visit Happy Valley, we hope the signs will draw more attention to the types of authentic agricultural experiences that can be found here.

Fritz Smith, President and CEO, The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau

HVAB President and CEO Fritz Smith said Happy Valley Agventures destinations included small growers and producers; farmers markets and farm stores; equestrian centers; farm-to-fork dining establishments; craft beverage producers and more.

“As we approach fall, which is a great time to visit Happy Valley, we hope the signs will draw more attention to the types of authentic experiences that can be found here while helping connect people to local products and develop a greater appreciation for the contributions of those who engage in agriculture,” Smith said.

Smith and Squier said there are currently 55 destinations featured on, with new destinations soon to be added. To be included, establishments must be open to the public in some capacity and have a connection to agriculture.

An agricultural heritage driving tour is also being developed that will take people throughout the county’s beautiful valleys and farmlands, highlighting establishments that played a key role in Happy Valley’s agricultural roots.

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