– by Ellie Aungst

Woodward Cave is one of the largest caverns in Pennsylvania. It's been open since 1926, when it started as a roadside attraction for people who wanted to tour the state in their new automobiles. It features five spacious rooms. including "The Hall of Statues," which is 300 feet long with a 40 foot cathedral ceiling. You'll also see the Ballroom, which has been used for square dances and banquets, the Square Room, known for its delicate rare Helictites and the Hanging Forest features the largest collection of stalactites found in the cave. This easily-walked tour is 50 minutes of nature at its best.

WOODWARD CAVE Group in front of cave

During the off-season, Woodward Cave is an important research site for scientists studying White Nose Syndrome in bats, a disease which has killed millions of bats. Scientists from universities and the Pennsylvania Game Commission study hibernating bats in the cave as they slowly regain their numbers.

Woodward Cave also features a beautiful, secluded 13-acre campground that features campsites and rental cabins and you can turn your tour into a secluded weekend getaway!

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