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Museum hopping in Happy Valley

Happy Valley is rich in history, culture, and creative residents who love celebrating both. The region’s museum scene is top-notch and varied, offering a mix of traditional galleries and more interactive experiences.

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Discovered a tick? There's an app for that

It's never too early to take tick precautions. May is the most active time for ticks in Pennsylvania, and with the mild winter, we have already been in the midst of tick season for some time. Ticks will remain active throughout the summer and into the fall.

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Are YOU ready for Pennsylvania Day 2023?

July 20th is National Pennsylvania Day, and for the last two years, America250PA has partnered with Natural Food Group in support of Feeding Pennsylvania to staff food banks across the Commonwealth. Thus far, with the help of several EPIC volunteers, America250PA has packaged over 17,000 boxes of food, prepared 958 meals, sorted over 9,000 lbs of produce & frozen food, and filled over 400 volunteer shifts.

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