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Palmer Museum of Art marks 50th anniversary with year-long celebration

Current Exhibitions

An American Place: Selections from the James and Barbara Palmer CollectionThrough April 24, 2022

The story of the coming of age of American art is filled with alliances and ruptures, expatriates and immigrants, transatlantic dialogues and the search for an authentic aesthetic rooted in America.

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Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park Offers One-of-a-Kind Fun

Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park offers a lot of unique experiences, not just for local visitors, but for people from all over the country who can take part in several, one-of-a-kind exhibits at the park – a place that also offers a healthy dose of history.

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GODS TROMBONES is a collection of sermons in the African-American tradition. It was written and compiled by James Weldon Johnson in 1927. There have been many notable performances since then including in the film, FIVE in 1951.

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Palmer Museum opens major exhibition of American art to celebrate 50th anniversary year

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa . – Starting this month, the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State launches its 50th anniversary, to be celebrated throughout 2022 with special programs and exhibitions. To inaugurate its golden anniversary as a prominent university art museum is a major exhibition of outstanding American art, An American Place: Selections from the James and Barbara Palmer Collection, which opens Jan. 29 as the centerpiece of the museum’s jubilee.

Goot Essa cheese

Goot Essa, Good Eating

Discover Happy Valley’s Amish-made, cave-aged artisan cheese at Goot Essa. All of their cheese is made by hand, in small quantities, giving each one their individual attention.

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Fort Roberdeau

Fort Roberdeau provides a revolutionary experience as a National Historic Site and conservation area with park grounds where educational and recreational opportunities abound.

Fort Roberdeau served as a lead mine fort during the American Revolutionary War to protect a lead mining and smelting operation on the Pennsylvania frontier.

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