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Bellefonte Spring Creek Bridge

Hooked on Bellefonte

As the organizer of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association annual conference, I was stuck indoors while the rest of the attendees got to enjoy the outdoor adventures that Happy Valley has to offer. As the conference concluded, I breathed a sigh of relief of a job well done. The major duties of organizing the event were in the rearview mirror, and the weight of responsibility was lifted by the members, who continually remarked about how much they enjoyed the event that took place in Happy Valley.

Troy Weston and Melissa Hombosky

The accidental residents: “We forgot to move”

“We never intended to stay here,” Troy Weston and Melissa Hombosky said about their move to Happy Valley in 2002. “We just forgot to leave.” There seems to be a little more to the story than forgetting to leave.

The queen

Experience the charm of Bellefonte's Bed & Breakfasts

Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Bellefonte’s bed and breakfasts offer a personal experience that’s full of charm and rich history, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation and productivity.

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