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34th Annual John H. Ziegler Historic Preservation Awards of the Centre County Historical Society

Since 1988, the Centre County Historical Society (CCHS) has annually recognized individuals and organizations for their outstanding work in preserving and interpreting Centre County history. Historic preservation and advocacy projects from around the county will be featured on Sunday, January 22, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. at the Pennsylvania Match Factory in Bellefonte, home of the American Philatelic Society. Light refreshments will be available.


A Perfect Fishing Weekend in Bellefonte, PA

There are a small handful of places where I’ve traveled that have the ability to both energize and subdue the mind, heart and soul. Bellefonte, Pennsylvania is at the top of my list. I’ve spent a fair amount of time here, fishing different spots along Spring Creek from Benner to Milesburg, and a few eateries, and some cool bars in between. It’s the kind of place that has appeal for just about anyone. When you come here and see the Victorian architecture, small bars, unique eateries and eclectic shops, it actually makes the heart beat slower. I swear it does.


Wilds Child: Exploring Historic Bellefonte

Many of us dream of wandering in the kind of charming, provincial communities we see on holiday cards at this time of year, but one needn’t travel overseas to London, Brussels, or Paris to make that vision a reality. While the “wilds” aspect of the PA Wilds gets much of the focus in our modern tourism industries, the storied towns that comprise the PA Wilds are just as worthy of a visit, offering guests the chance to unplug, reset and experience the holidays in places that welcome strangers and foster a genuine sense of community during the time of year that we crave it most.

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