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For sports fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Football returns and with it comes tailgate season. These days, tailgating has moved well beyond the stadium parking lot and into homes everywhere. Here are our best suggestions to easily satisfy an appetite for victory and great food.

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What’s not to love about warm, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, topped with crispy bacon and sweet & savory pepper jelly? This Southern-style Cheese & Bacon Dip is a big crowed-pleaser! For a second win, add Cranberry Pepper Jelly to our always popular recipe for Savory Meatballs. Apple Pepper Jelly is equally tasty in either recipe.

New this season is our recipe for Charcuterie Sliders. Yummy-cheesy and equally tasty made with our Tomato Bruschetta, Fig & Olive Relish or any chutney or mustard. This one is especially easy to eat standing up which is always a bonus for sports fans.

Halftime never tasted so good until our Smoked Apple Grill & Sauté Sauce came along! Start the crockpot in the morning, focus on fun, and the halftime meal of Pulled Pork Sandwiches will be ready when you are. This one also allows you to keep the crockpot lower and slower for a post-game meal.

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Tailgate Gift Collections

The Tailgater $49.95
A perfect collection to give to family, friends, or colleagues. Made for instantly opening and sharing at a tailgate or when hosting game-time at home

The Tailgater Deluxe $89.95
This up-sized version of The Tailgater Collection has four additional items to expand the spread and offer something for everyone.

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Fresh From The Farm

Fall Makeovers Are Underway!

Colors are amazing this time of year. Fall plants, gourds, cornstalks, broom corn, and pumpkins in every shape and size are in the Greenhouse. Front porch makeovers are super exciting and fun. And, bringing the outdoors in is easy with our floral adorned pumpkins in an array of sizes (below).

Come Grow With Us!

“Music” Organic Seed Garlic is Now Available at the Farm and on the Local Website!

A Big Selection of Fall Bulbs Are Available. Plant Now for Spring Beauty!

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Native Plant Sale Continues…

Our Native Plant Sale continues! Save 25% on all Tait Farm natives and enjoy the impact on your yard next season. The pollinators will thank you!

Shop farm-grown and locally grown produce in the Harvest Shop or on our local website for easy curbside pickup!

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