Mike Olmstead: At Axemann, Guests Can Forget About The Stresses Of The Outside World

– by Cara Aungst

Mike Olmstead is the manager of Axemann Brewery, a brewery and tap room located in a revitalized metal factory in Bellefonte. “I’m a people person,” Mike said. “And I try to stay positive in all situations.”

Mike Olmstead at Axemann

He’s worked in various roles in hospitality throughout his career. “I started by attending Pittsburgh Bartending School and had my first job at Red Lobster behind the bar.”

When he enrolled at Penn State to study Hospitality Management, he worked part-time at Players Nightclub on College Avenue, and then moved on to help open Bill Pickles Taproom in 2005, where he stayed on as a manager for the next 15 years. In 2020, he joined Axemann as the General Manager.

“Axemann has become such a go-to destination in just a few years,” he said. “It’s an ideal place for events like baby showers, retirement parties, bridal Showers, wedding rehearsals and birthday parties. The space just lends itself to making all kinds of memories.”

He says that working as the manager is the opposite of Groundhog Day: “Every day is a new day. We are constantly changing beers, hosting events and making people's day better.”

Axemann 4

Making people’s day better is the key, Mike says. “It’s all about helping people to sit back, relax with friends and, of course, a beer. At Axemann, they can forget about the stresses of the outside world.”

Guests can relax and enjoy their time because of the team at Axemann. “I work with some of the most hard-working, fun-loving people,” he said. “People who love to have a good time and work well with each other. We hope that our guests can feel that positive energy as it helps to create that atmosphere for them.”

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