Seasons of Rothrock - Grit Gravel Grinder

– by Ellie Aungst

Join us on June 1st for the Grit Gravel Grinder! Choose from three exhilarating courses - the GRIT 25-miler, the GRITTIER 49-miler, or the GRITTIEST 65-miler. After the race, don't miss our NEW After Party and Awards Celebration at Boal City Brewing. Enjoy Rothrock Coffee at registration, refuel at support stations, and shop for gear from Seasons of Rothrock. The celebration continues with prizes, food trucks, and live music at the Rothrock GRIT Podium Party. Plus, get FREE 8-week training plans from US Champ Jeremiah Bishop. Race with us and support local cycling and community service organizations. Sign up now for an unforgettable experience!

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Sign Up For The Grit Gravel Grinder!

We have 3 glorious courses to choose from:

  • The GRIT 25-miler
  • The GRITTIER 49-miler
  • The GRITTIEST 65-miler

AND we have a NEW! After Party and Awards Celebration at Boal City Brewing that you won’t want to miss! Keep scrolling for details…

View the courses and last year’s photos; get details about timing, training tips, support stations, and the awards celebration; and of course…

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What to expect…

Start your day with Rothrock Coffee at registration!

Buy Seasons of Rothrock gear before and after the race.

The Bicycle Shop will be on-site for mechanical fix emergencies.

Stop to refuel @ miles 21, 31 & 51. Grittiest riders will hit Penns Valley Pedals + Pints Station 2 TWICE (31 & 51).

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This celebration is going to be better than ever! We’d like to invite all participants and volunteers to The Rothrock GRIT Podium Party at Boal City Brewery on June 1st from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM for the podium awards, prizes, food trucks, and beer.

When you register for GRIT, you will receive merchandise and a voucher that can be used for food or beer at Boal City Brewery after the race. Our food vendors, Bonnie's Blues and Breakfast on Boal, will be serving up delicious comfort food and smash burgers.

We will be presenting awards for GRIT 25, GRITTIER 49, and GRITTIEST 65 starting at 4:30 PM at BCB. Expo booths will be open from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM, and Boal City will close at 11:00 PM. To add to the excitement, we will have live music directly after the podium presentation from 6-8 PM.

Training Plans

Want to up your game or don’t know where to start? We have FREE 8-week training plans for all races built by US Champ Jeremiah Bishop and Highland Training. Need something more intense? Check out Bishop Trainings paid plans to take you to the next level.

Click HERE to get free plans

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Timing and Results

You can check the race timing results as they are uploaded by clicking on this link:

If you wish to contest a result, please see our timer at the timing tent as soon as possible.

Click HERE to find the best places to stay and dine!

When you have choices…Why race with us?

Seasons of Rothrock is a non-profit that has donated more than $54,000 to local cycling and community service-based organizations since 2021. The races are organized by Happy Valley Women’s Cycling, and local cycling clubs and bike shops volunteer to make these races happen…all with a hope that you’ll leave loving our backyard trail and gravel system as much as we all do.

Happy Valley Womens Cycling - Click HERE to sign up to race

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June 23RD, 2024

The Greenwood Furnace mountain bike race, including Cooper’s Gap trail system, is proudly now a part of the premier Mid-Atlantic Super Series (MASS). Do you have what it takes to crush this challenging, fun and rewarding 23- or 33-mile race?

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Tussey Mountain
December 8TH, 2024

Ride Tussey Mountain’s famous and infamous trails including Three Bridges, Tussey Mountain Ridge Trail, and the Double Black John Wert Path. With challenging climbs, fast fun descents, and technical terrain, this course is both demanding and pleasurable.

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April Whipple Dam results

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