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Fall Fun 2023

Hoist the Harvest in Happy Valley

Fall is my favorite season in Centre County, and I make no apologies for it. Football’s back, with all that comes with it: tailgating, grilling, seismic cheering at Beaver Stadium. Apples and pears and a beautiful array of root vegetables flood our farm markets in a final burst of harvest abundance. Sweaters and vests come out of storage as sweaty Summer slides into frosty Fall.

Happy Valley Chef

2023 Happy Valley Destination Dining Guide

Food trucks and farmers markets: 10 delicious finds

Though Happy Valley offers a magnificent variety of quality brick-and-mortar dining experiences, food trucks and farmer’s markets also have a place in providing quality, locally sourced options. In fact, these options have expanded dramatically over the last few years. With a wide variety of local produce and meats, food trucks and farmers markets provide residents and visitors with outdoor alternatives in Centre County.

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