Bellefonte Art Museum entwined worlds 2024

Entwined Worlds at the Bellefonte Art Museum

You need to see the "Entwined Worlds" exhibition at the Bellefonte Art Museum. The show is open through Sunday, August 25th. The display will continue to grow and change over the next two months, so you should stop in periodically! BAM is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12–4:30 PM.

– by Edward Stoddard

Delve into the intricate web of connections that shape our world and discover the profound impact of these relationships on our collective existence. The exhibit's heart lies in exploring the symbiotic relationship between humans and insects.

Immerse yourself in the world of insects through stunning visual displays, immersive multimedia experiences, and interactive installations. Uncover the crucial role insects play in sustaining ecosystems, pollinating plants, inspiring art, music, and literature, and even contributing to advancements in medicine, biofuels, and construction materials. Engage with the worlds of gall wasps, leafminers, native bees, honeybees, etc., and learn about insects' impacts on our world.

This exhibition is in partnership with The Department of Entomology and The College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University.

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