Downtown State College : Resolute & Resilient

– by Ellie Aungst

A year ago our small but mighty downtown, like the rest of the country, was shuttered. With no end in sight, we persevered, we endured and became a stronger businesses community.

We are bruised, but we are back. Let us prove it to you. We welcome you to Discover Downtown State College again! You find more than 100 restaurants and shops, 4 unique hotels, annual community events and attractions downtown! You can...

Downtown State College saints enhanced image
Downtown State College group mural image
  • Find over 2,000 parking spaces
  • Park Free with our Merchant Validated Parking program
  • Support our small businesses by purchasing a downtown gift card
  • Experience a walking tour of our public art, murals, sculptures and more

You won’t want to miss out on a brand new experience downtown this summer. Stay tuned for a big announcement...coming soon!

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