2023 Arts & Adventure

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Happy Valley events and happenings now through November!

Get ready for an incredible lineup of events and happenings in Happy Valley now through November! Brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement as we bring you a series of beloved local events that will make your calendar sparkle.

Rhoneymeade tour Photo courtesy of Rhoneymeade 2

See it, love it, create it: get inspired by discovering all Happy Valley art has to offer

Here in Happy Valley, we have a rich arts community with creations waiting to be discovered. Local opportunities abound in Centre County to view both historic pieces and modern creations while receiving inspiration for your very own works of art. Whether you enjoy walking beside a building mural, taking a garden stroll with marble statues, or gallery hopping with local art at your fingertips (…without making fingerprints, right?), there’s something inspiring about spending a weekend taking in the arts.

Penn Cave

Adventure begins here: explore our caves

Explore Happy Valley no matter the season! There are seven show caves open to the public in Pennsylvania, and a record three are located in Happy Valley. Here’s how you can enjoy an underground excursion.

Pine grove hall 1

Experiencing the “art” within the culinary arts, in Happy Valley

Welcome to a delectable journey of experiencing the culinary arts in Happy Valley! Prepare your taste buds for a delightful adventure as we explore the vibrant and diverse restaurant scene that this enchanting region has to offer. From cozy cafes to upscale dining establishments, Happy Valley's culinary landscape is a canvas of creative, artistic masterpieces, each offering a unique blend of flavors to suit every palate. Elevate your dining experience to new heights as you savor culinary artworks that are both fresh and exciting, lovingly prepared by talented chefs. Join us as we embark on a mouthwatering exploration of the gastronomic treasures that await you in Happy Valley.

Centre Stage Courtesy of Centre Stage 1

Mark your calendar for these arts events in 2023!

Happy Valley’s vibrant arts and culture scene is one of the biggest draws for residents and visitors alike. State-of-the-art facilities for the performing arts draw popular tours for large-scale productions, theatre and dance troupes, musical acts of all varieties, comedians and more. From the big stage at Eisenhower Auditorium to a more intimate setting at The State Theatre, every year brings an array of diverse opportunities for all ages. The following is a select highlight of performing arts happening in the area:

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau publishes up-to-date event information at HappyValley.com/events